With over twenty years of experience, Chef Makoto Okuwa has developed his own take on Japanese cuisine, where traditional Edomae-Sushi meets innovative flair. Chef Makoto’s introduction to the intricacies of Japanese cooking, especially sushi, began in his hometown of Nagoya, Japan. At the age of 15, Makoto began an apprenticeship with Sushi Master Makoto Kumazaki; his study continued under the tutelage of legendary Sushi Master Chef Shinichi Takegasa. After ten years of training in Japan, Makoto moved to Washington, D.C. where he began to work closely with Iron Chef Morimoto and was soon asked to assume the Head Sushi Chef role at Morimoto New York and Morimoto Philadelphia. In 2005, he was recognized by the James Beard Foundation for outstanding contribution.

After opening his namesake restaurant in Bal Harbour he chose Panama  to showcase his cuisine in Latin America, bringing his respect for ingredients, fantastic execution and unparalleled creativity to a new frontier, and new challenge for his craft to dazzle new palates.

Chef Makoto Okuwa has created a modern japanese menu for his eponymous eatery, located in Panama City, exceptional sushi bar selections, traditional dishes remade with some whimsy, and skewers cooked over a charcoal robata are complemented with hand-crafted beverages and sake. A soothing dining room, energized sushi bar and an outdoor patio provide numerous dining experiences.
Makoto offers indoor and alfesco dining options, in which you can entertain friends, family or business associates.
For private events contact us through reservas@makotopanama.com
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